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On November 25,2019, the final of the teaching ability competition of the National Vocational College skills Competition 2019 closed at Hunan Institute of Chemical Technology. Henan vocational and technical institute hu erkun team to show the entries. Jing Xin \/ Photo


On June 14,2018, Li Han, a teacher of thought and politics at Hunan Institute of Chemical Technology, and Deng Ying, a Chinese teacher, brought a special ideological and political class together. Lo Chi-kuo\/Photo


This point, from the recent conclusion of the 2019 national vocational college skills competition teaching ability competition can be a glimpse, for example, the 791 participating teaching teams presented a variety of new teaching scene, some of the enterprise workshop into a classroom, on-site teaching, some began to try situational teaching, project-based teaching and so on.


The National Vocational Education Reform Implementation Program (\" Vocational Education 20\"), issued at the beginning of 2019, clearly states that the reform of the \"Three Courses \"(teachers, teaching materials, teaching methods) and the quality of the classroom has always been a hot topic in the field of higher vocational education.


Nowadays, the higher vocational colleges are trying to break down the prejudice of the society to its existence, take the quality as the first, reshape the classroom, create the \"golden lesson \", strictly grasp the\" mixed teaching \"and\" mixed learning \", the resulting \"chemical reaction\" is happening quietly in many schools.


Recently, Wu Xuemin, secretary of the party committee of Nanjing Institute of Technology and Technology, had a \"happy annoyance \"- some students reported to him that\" the library often can't find a seat because of the large number of people \", others thought that some study rooms were closed too early, and suggested that the school should open more places for students to study every day until 11 p.m.


To say that it is an \"annoyance\" is because the school must find a way to solve the problems the students are asking. The reason why mr. wu still feels \"happy\" is that all these questions are about learning. If he had heard more about \"how to make the food better\" and so on.


And this transformation, and Nanjing Institute of Technology and Technology since 2018 began the \"classroom quality year\" reform is not unrelated. At that time, Wu Xuemin noticed that the students after 00 did not like the lengthy theoretical introduction, and showed a stronger disgust for the boring theoretical study, but the practical class courses that needed the students to do it themselves could get their preference more. Students are changing, but some teachers are changing slowly, there are problems in the classroom to deal with the new \"learning situation\" in the teaching method, the content of the transformation is not timely enough, the classroom teaching effect is not ideal enough and so on.


When it comes to taking the initiative to start \"curriculum reform \", pei chunmei, a teacher at the telecommunication engineering institute of beijing institute of electronic technology, told reporters that she found that many students do not like to attend classes on weekdays, but if they take part in the competition training as if they were someone else,\" if you don't understand, you have to be in the laboratory to understand, some will even sleep in the laboratory.\" At the same time, because tutoring students to participate in the competition has accumulated a lot of practical experience, Pei Chunmei and other three people discussed \"must change a change, if maintain the previous state, we will slowly lose students.\"


In Pei Chunmei's view, students now have their own uniqueness, such as learning more interest-driven, through the network to obtain information, self-learning ability is very strong,\" some even better than teachers, know more than teachers. \"Then you're going to teach C language like you used to, and they're going to think it's simple. Why should I follow you? So let them be the main characters in the classroom, not the teachers.


At nanjing vocational and technical college, early classes started at 8 o'clock, but after this moment, we can still see that many students are still on the way to class,\" to check student dormitories, and many students with classes have not yet got up.\" Wu xuemin found that every day to inspect the classroom, many students sitting in the classroom did not seriously study,\" especially in the back of the classroom a few rows of students, there are sleeping, playing with mobile phones, more whispering.\"


A \"classroom revolution\" is imperative. But in Wu Xuemin's view, this is not so much a reform of education and teaching as a comprehensive change of talent training mode,\" the times are changing, and the students are also changing. The development of social information technology and the transformation and upgrading of national industry all put forward higher requirements for skilled personnel. How to cultivate high - quality skilled personnel to meet the needs of the times? We'll end up in class.


In order to prepare for the course of \"Management Accounting \", Zhu Min, a professional accounting teacher at Hunan Institute of Chemical Technology, spent more than a year collecting data and cases to develop the case base while pondering the teaching plan.


It can be said that the key to classroom quality reform lies in teachers. As wang min, vice-dean of zhejiang yuying vocational and technical college, said,\" the most beneficial, direct, central and effective thing for students to study in a university is the classroom, and the key to the quality of the classroom is the teaching level of the teacher.\"


According to Wang Xiongwei, president of Hunan Institute of Chemical Technology, the school will conduct an annual teaching ability competition, which will connect the competition objectives, contents, training and management with the personnel training objectives, course teaching contents, teaching implementation and evaluation, and incorporate the competition training into the professional personnel training plan, so that all teachers can have the opportunity to participate in the competition activities, so as to enhance the teaching ability of teachers.


In addition, according to reporters, many higher vocational colleges continue to \"add code\" for teachers'teaching, such as increasing the training of teachers'teaching ability, and improving the bonus and treatment of teachers with strong teaching ability.


But Wang Min is also thinking, we have been doing \"addition\" to the teacher, can we also do \"subtraction \"? For example, while reducing the number of hours taught by teachers with weaker teaching skills, the training of these teachers'professional abilities should be strengthened. If after the training still cannot be qualified for the teacher post, can carry on the transfer, even can carry on the last elimination.

  “而做‘减法’的前提,是要有一个完善的评价体系。”王敏介绍,在之前的评测体系中,“不少教师的得分都在96分、97分左右,最低也有90分”。但在对评价体系进行调整,纳入更多合理、科学、全面的评价指标后,对老师进行分档评价,实行“基本条件 业绩量化排序”,“一下子,老师的教学差距就显现了出来,个别甚至会不及格,那接下来,对于不及格的老师,我们就会减少课时量等”。

“The premise of subtraction is to have a sound evaluation system." Wang Min said that in the previous evaluation system," many teachers score around 96 points,97 points, the lowest also have 90 points." However, after adjusting the evaluation system and incorporating more reasonable, scientific and comprehensive evaluation indicators, the teachers are graded and evaluated, and the "quantitative ranking of basic condition performance" is carried out.


Walking into the classroom of \"design and production of electronic products\" at the telecommunication engineering institute of beijing college of electronic science and technology, we can find that, unlike the traditional layout of the classroom, every four sets of tables and chairs are emitted in one group, each sharing two computers and two sets of instruments and instruments, and the students complete the class tasks in groups during the class. The course was jointly taught by three teachers, namely, Pei Chunmei, Zhu Gongsheng and Cai Zhifang, and had commenced seven or eight years ago. But after two courses in the past two years, the classroom has taken on a new look -


Originally the course mainly taught students to draw circuit board schematics and make circuit boards, now the other courses and artificial intelligence new technology into it, and take the enterprise real work project as the carrier, the construction of a modular course based on the work process, the implementation of project-based teaching, students before the end of the course to complete the three artificial intelligence voice control product design and production. But the teacher mainly plays the leading role, gives the main body position to the student, takes the task as the drive to guide its \"pre-class, in-class study, after-class expansion \", carries on the independent study.


“In the past, students didn't know exactly what they could do, driven by the task of designing and making AI products, and their interest was suddenly aroused and they took the initiative to learn. Pei Chunmei told reporters that teachers used to "rush" students to study, now more students are pulling teachers to discuss together. She did a general statistic that pre-school students had about 50% to 60% of their classroom tasks completed, and now 100%," and they are more able to exercise their ability to innovate and create."


In the view of zhu min, an accounting teacher at hunan institute of chemical technology, the information technology is so well developed today, it also puts forward higher requirements for accounting talents, such as \"need them to have stronger data analysis ability rather than simple reporting \". So her \"management accounting\" has also been \"iteratively upgraded \", eliminating\" what can be replaced by artificial intelligence \"and\" actual combat \"on the real financial data of the company,\" perhaps more based on my content in the past, but now it is based on the students'situation, to see what they need and how they can learn to produce\" loose-leaf \"textbooks.


In addition to content reform, zhu also used \"cloud classroom \", big data and other information technology to observe the progress of each student in real time,\" big data will be a portrait of each student, where there are any gaps can be grasped in time, we can also adjust the teaching according to the specific' learning situation'.


Similarly, it is not uncommon to practice virtual simulation software, network interactive platform and so on in the higher vocational classroom, and the information teaching methods such as flipping classroom and mixed teaching are becoming \"normal \".


“But to further improve the quality of the class, it's not enough to rely on the individual strength of the teacher." In Pei Chunmei's view, his current changes in the classroom are limited to only one course, to integrate more courses to teach, it involves the compilation of teaching materials, curriculum system combing, teacher arrangement, school-enterprise cooperation, school management and so on." Vocational education is a type of education, our curriculum system and form cannot be done according to the undergraduate course, if we build the curriculum that conforms to the characteristics of the school and students, we need the school to carry out the "upper design ".


It is precisely because of this consideration that when the Nanjing Institute of Industry and Technology began the construction of the \"Curriculum Quality Year\" in 2018, it let the \"Top-level Design\" first, and issued the \"Classroom Quality Year\" implementation plan to clarify the guiding ideology, overall objectives, implementation steps and so on.


What is the concept of “teaching? What is a good lesson? What are the criteria for assessment? …… These have been revised and clarified. According to Wu Xuemin, the school has issued the regulations on the management of classroom teaching in Nanjing Vocational and Technical College of Technology, such as the standards for a good class, the regulations on the management of classroom mobile phones, and compiled a new edition of the Teacher's Manual to facilitate teachers to understand the regulations on school teaching management, personnel personnel, scientific research and quality control.


With the \"road map \", the next key is how to implement it in class. Wu Xuemin and other school leaders took the lead in in-depth teaching to participate in the inspection work, to supervise the students'lateness and the teacher's management of the classroom methods are not in place, and to deal with the behavior of teachers who are late for class or affect the teaching according to the \"Measures for the Handling of Teaching Accidents \". At the same time, the school builds the vanguard mechanism, sets up the quality standard soldier, selects 15 courses in the whole school to carry out the teaching observation in the whole school scope, and through organizing the theme teaching and research and other activities, promotes the teachers to exchange the teaching experience to enhance the teaching ability and so on.


At present, Nanjing Institute of Industry and Technology is further deepening the achievements of the construction of \"classroom quality year 2018\" through the series of measures of classroom quality\" innovation and quality improvement year \". As wu xuemin put it,\" to improve the quality of the classroom and improve the teaching methods with the times, this is a long-term unremitting process, but not to grasp it for a while.\"


Recommended Reading Report:60 percent of children spend an average of 9211 yuan a year on extracurricular classes. According to the report, children's participation in extracurricular classes has become an important part of life outside school.


The five departments jointly issued the \"Opinions on Improving the Handling Mechanism of Safety Accidents and Maintaining the Order of Education and Teaching in Schools,\" and set up a system for managing\" school trouble \"to provide guarantee for schools to run schools at ease.